Interdisciplinary Studies

Individual-designed Major

The Individual-Designed major allows highly motivated and self-directed students to pursue a course of study that falls outside of existing majors and minors by developing an individualized cross-disciplinary course of study. Students pursuing the major will integrate courses from various disciplines into a unified and coherent course of study that is academically sound and that will contribute to the individual student’s intellectual development.

For what type of careers might i be prepared?

The knowledge and skills acquired in the individual-designed major can be the foundation for careers in many areas, including education, social work, counseling, government, science, health care, business, law and the arts. Individual-designed majors often are particularly well-suited to pursue graduate work in their area of interest and include service-learning projects and independent study.   

how and when would i apply for the individual-designed program?

If you are interested in pursuing an individual-designed major, you should meet with your adviser and then with at least two appropriate faculty members to discuss your interests and proposed course of study. An application for approval of an individual-designed major is required and includes a two- to three page essay describing a proposed course of study and a listing of the courses to be taken. Your plan must be developed and approved before you complete 70 semester hours.
To propose an individual-designed major, you should have a 2.5 or higher GPA for all Berry courses completed.

more information

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Former and current students' individual-designed majors:


Agricultural Development

Child Development Family Studies

国产偷拍视频Dance Biomechanics

国产偷拍视频Disability Studies

Human Development & Family Science


Public Health

Along with my passion for dance, I also have a passion for working with individuals with disabilities. I have a brother who is 25 and was born with cerebral palsy. Having a brother with special needs has really taught me to never underestimate anyone’s capabilities. Many look down upon those who have physical or mental disabilities, and so I wanted to share my love for dance with those who aren’t given the opportunity to experience the joy that dance has to offer. So I chose to pursue an interdisciplinary major with a concentration in both dance and psychology.

Kara Kempthorne

Class of 2007